Vaal Christian School


Monday  Lunch – Pap n Amazi

   Dinner- Minced meat and Pasta

Tuesday   Lunch – Tinned Pilchards + rice/pap

   Dinner Gizzards + potato mash

Wednesday Lunch – Eggs & viennas

   Dinner - Beef bones + samp

Thursday  Lunch – Pap n Amazi

   Dinner Stir fry + rice

Friday  Lunch – Eggs (fried/scrambled) + polony

   Dinner - Chicken + rice/pap

Saturday  Lunch – Hamburgers

   Dinner Curry n rice

Sunday  Lunch – Grilled chicken + desert

   Dinner - Hot Dogs / Sandwiches

Vegetables every day, fresh fruit three times/week

Cool drink daily

Learners are provided with a mid-morning sandwich every day.

This menu is revised every term and adjusted as required.