Vaal Christian School


We are all very proud of our Campus here at Vaal Christian School.  We are constantly labouring to maintain the school buildings, the boarding facilities, the gardens and play grounds.  It is a full time job for Mark, Meshach and Joseph, our Maintenance Team, and they work very hard to keep up!  

But at times, they become very disappointed when the Leaners do not bring their side to this tough and often thankless task.  Windows are broken, (sometimes by accident+), doors are pulled out of their hinges, door handles broken, ceilings are destroyed and curtains torn.  Learners very seldom offer information concerning the culprit.

Management has now decided that where there is such damage, and the occupants of the room cannot or will not provide the name of the culprit, the damage will be debited equally to the accounts of all the students in that room.  

Please understand that we see no other way of ensuring that these facilities are kept in good condition for all the Learners, and that the cost for this is recovered.  We also believe it is important that our Learners grow to accept responsibility for their place of stay and assist us in maintaining it.  If you have any queries or advice, feel free to contact Administration.