Vaal Christian School

Vaal Christian School first saw life as Kingdom School in January 1987, with 20 white scholars.  At the time of its inception it was housed in church premises in the centre of Vereeniging known as Kingdom Ministries. An evangelical School, it operated according to biblical principles with a staff complement of mainly born again Christians.

VCS began admitting black children as from 1988. This proved troublesome as, at the time, the premises were situated in a white, urban, politically conservative area. The School received many threats, was subject to much persecution by the local white community, and was eventually taken to the Supreme Court by the town’s municipality. The School thankfully won this case and was allowed to continue its ministry to mainly black children.

To accommodate its rapid growth, the School’s physical location was moved to the Vaal Show grounds in January 1991 where it began with 288 black and white scholars who received tuition from crèche through to grade 10.

In May 1991 ESKOM offered us new premises at the old Vaal Power Station in Viljoensdrift. These premises were used until January 1993 when grades 4 to 12 were moved across to a senior campus opposite Lethabo Power Station (some 5 km away), with the junior campus (crèche through to grade 3) remaining at the old Vaal Power Station. In 1999 the junior campus and its scholars were moved to premises opposite Lethabo, until July 2004, when it moved back to its present premises in Vaal Village, very close to the previous junior campus.

This move, coupled to significant rises in the cost of transportation, forced management to open a boarding facility in January 1994 which currently houses 400 of our 900 scholars in a boarding establishment next to the school. Other factors positives stemming from the start of the boarding school include:

 stability in scholar numbers;

 increased opportunity for input into the lives of learners;

 increased sense of unity and common interest, and

 improved academic performance resulting from more direct control over study.

Whilst this facility does present its own unique set of problems, it has, and continues to enhance, the stability and overall performance of the institution.

Our School has generated a proud academic record, beginning in 1993 with a 100% pass rate that it has maintained, with one, or two periods of decline.  Our 2016 pass rate of 99%  and a university  exemption rate exceeding 40%, remains amongst the best in the Province.

The School has always struggled with sport and other extra-curricular activities due to a lack of suitable facilities.  It has however always done its utmost to encourage Learners in physical activities (soccer, netball, hiking), mental activities (chess, debating), cultural activities (culture days; culture-based dramas and fun days), and spiritual activities including church for boarders every Sunday; a very active and successful choir, dynamic weekly assemblies and regular visits from outside spiritual groups and pastors.


Vaal Christian School practices a policy of affordable fees, which it has been able to sustain over the period of its existence.  Its trademark continues to be God’s presence in the School, operating through dedicated Christian teachers and staff who give their lives for the much loved children they serve.