Language code

Vaal Christian School is an English medium establishment.  Learners are urged to recognize and adhere to the speaking of English whilst at School.  Vernacular ought to be avoided and Parents are encouraged to speak English at home to their children to facilitate an easier grasp of their subjects at School.


Welcome to the Vaal Christian School Boarding facility. Thank you for choosing our facility and we wish you a very happy and blessed stay. Below are the rules and regulations of our facility. Please read and ensure you understand and follow them well.  The purpose of rules and regulations in the Boarding School is to ensure all Boarders enjoy a safe and pleasant environment and to give each Boarder the opportunity to achieve his/her goals without any interference through unruly behavior.


  1. All Boarders must respect our rules and regulations. Vaal Christian School is run on biblical principles as stated in the Word of God.
  2. All Boarders must attend prayer meetings whenever those meetings are held.  Sunday services are compulsory.
  3. We assume that when you applied for accommodation in the Boarding School, you were already familiar with our policies and that you willingly submit yourself to obeying them.
  4. The Boarding School is not a rehabilitation center.  It is an institution for learning and living in a Christian environment, where the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus have pre-eminence.
  5. Only Boarders who are prepared to behave Christ-like, will be accepted. They must show respect for God and have a desire for the things of the Lord.
  6. Boarders must be able to take care of themselves e.g. wash and dress, be responsible for their belongings, and keep their rooms neat.
  7. Boarders must do their homework and study during study sessions.
  8. Staying in the Boarding School is not a right but a privilege to Boarders who obey and respect authority.

Any learner who abuses this privilege by breaking any of the rules in the School or Boarding School will be asked to leave this facility.


  1. Please respect your fellow Boarders at all times.
  2. Boys – stay out of the girls’ dormitories at all times!!  Girls – behave likewise!.
  3. Writing on walls, doors, or any other property of the School/Boarding School, is strictly forbidden.
  4. Vandalising School or Boarding School property is strictly forbidden.
  5. Boarders are not allowed in their Hostels during the following hours:

                Primary School Boarders from  7H30 to 13H30

                High School Boarders from 7H30 to 14H30.  

This is when you should be in class!

  1. Using or being found in possession of the following, could lead to immediate expulsion:
  2. Cigarettes, any form of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.
  3. Weapons of any description.
  4. Pornographic material.
  5. Condoms.
  6. The following would likewise be grounds for expulsion:
  7. Fighting and bullying.
  8. Swearing, foul, coarse, or vulgar language.
  9. Leaving School /Boarding School without permission.
  10. Only Boarders are allowed in the Boarding Schools, no day scholars.
  11. No Cell phones please!  Cell phones will be confiscated.
  12. Dress code:-as prescribed by the authorities only!.


We are all very proud of our Campus here at Vaal Christian School.  We are constantly labouring to maintain the school buildings, the boarding facilities, the gardens and playgrounds.  It is a full-time job for Mark, Meshach, and Joseph, our Maintenance Team, and they work very hard to keep up!  

But at times, they become very disappointed when the Leaners do not bring their side to this tough and often thankless task.  Windows are broken, (sometimes by accident+), doors are pulled out of their hinges, door handles broken, ceilings are destroyed and curtains were torn.  Learners very seldom offer information concerning the culprit.

Management has now decided that where there is such damage, and the occupants of the room cannot or will not provide the name of the culprit, the damage will be debited equally to the accounts of all the students in that room.  

Please understand that we see no other way of ensuring that these facilities are kept in good condition for all the Learners and that the cost for this is recovered.  We also believe it is important that our Learners grow to accept responsibility for their place of stay and assist us in maintaining it.  If you have any queries or advice, feel free to contact the Administration.


In the last year, we experienced unauthorized people and goods moving in and out of our School premises.  In an effort to secure the safety of our learners, borders, and assets, the following is in place:

  • Safety Officers to ensure vigilance and responsive approach at our Hostels on a 24/7 basis.
  • We, therefore, request all parents and visitors to cooperate with the following security measures introduced:
  • All persons entering our premises without an official access card will be required to complete the visitor’s book, as well as the COVID screening sheet. Temperatures will also be taken and recorded.
  • Safety Officers will randomly search vehicles entering and leaving VCS premises.  Please cooperate and be patience!!
  • Briefcases and handbags may also be searched.
  • Please declare any items other than your briefcase/handbag, to ensure easy exit from the School.  This includes items such as laptop computers, printers, PC’s, furniture, etc.
  • Should it be necessary to take out any school property (eg for repairs/servicing), please ensure that the appropriate gate pass has been generated.  Any items for which there is not an appropriate gate pass will be confiscated and retained.
  • To further safeguard our Boarders, a brick wall has now been built around the Hostel, incorporating an electric fence and security cameras, with Safety Officers patrolling the premises 24/7.