Our academic is accredited with UMALUSI, wich in Nguni means "Herder or Shepherd". VCS is also affiliated with ISASA (Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa) which is the oldest, largest and most inclusive association for private schools in Southern Africa.


We also offer hostel facilities for girls and boys, from grade 1 upwards, depending on the emotional maturity of the learner. Every hostel (8 in total) is managed by its own Hostel Parent (two in some cases), with Pastor Hlabangana as Hostel Manager.

Sport & Culture

Our school is also active in numerous sport activities such as Soccer, Netball and Volley Ball. Our Learners are also active in Chess and Debating. There is also a very strong choir which takes part in competitions in our area.

Our Vision

To educate and discipline children. To recognize and promote our SA culture. To promote love of nature and the land. To facilitate family restoration. To create godly UBUNTU. Through lives that reflect christian morals and standards.

Our Mission

To educate and train persons from a biblical standpoint, in both secular and spiritual disciplines to function as servants and leaders in South Africa.


Mrs H Snyman

General Manager: Hostel
Mr J Brayshaw- Executive Director

Mr J Brayshaw

Executive Director

Mrs S Garson

Principal Primary School

Mr H Siebert

Admin Manager

Mrs J Fourie

Principal High School

Pastor Hlabangana

Hostel manager


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