To All The Parents

1. Groceries:    Hostel rules prohibit  learners to bring in perishable groceries. This ban will remain in place and strictly enforced.  Problems with vermin and pests make this step a necessity. Items such as: Tea/Coffee/Sugar/Milo will be allowed. There is a tuck shop available for learners who may need snacks or drinks.

2. Cell phones:  There is a total ban on cell phones, laptops and I-pads/Tablets in the Hostel. Should any of these items be found with a Hostel Learner, the item will be confiscated and impounded till the end the year.

3. Private clothes:  Learners are allowed 2 pairs of denims and 2 golf shirts for use over weekends, and a navy or black jersey/jacket in winter.  Please ensure your child does not bring any other private clothes to Hostel.

4.. Pastor arranges various trips through the year. Destinations utilised in the past included Gold Reef City, Wild Waters, etc. Parents will be advised of planned visits for the year as well as costs involved.

We thank you for your cooperation with these critical matters