Sports & Culture

Playing Soccer


Soccer is a very popular sport amongst our learners. VCS boasts three official boys’ as well as a girls’ team. In the last year, they had varied levels of success in the General Smuts Soccer Tournament. More important, is that our learners play with gusto, enjoying these tournaments thoroughly.


Mrs Holtshauzen has given netball a new lease on life at VCS. They practice every week and we look forward to seeing them engaging other schools this year.

Volley Ball

We are in the process of establishing a Volley Ball Court and we trust that it will be ready for the 3rd Term.<br>
The Sasol-sponsored PlayGround is very popular amongst children of all ages, even though they manage to break the ‘unbreakable’ equipment. Sasol has, however, obliged by repairing every time.

chess 1

Chess, Debating & Choir

Our Learners are also active in Chess and Debating. There is also a very strong choir which takes part in competitions in our area.

We want to utilise this forum to urge any and all parents to become involved with sport in our school. We need sport’s kit including jerseys, balls and shoes as well as assistance with transport and match fees. The most important, however, will be your physical support. We may never under estimate the value and importance of your presence at sporting events.