In the last year, we experienced unauthorized people and goods moving in and out of our School premises.  To secure our learners and assets, we are in the process of installing security cameras and our own team of Safety Officers to ensure a vigilance and responsive approach at our Hostels.

We therefore request all parents and visitors to cooperate with the following security measures introduced:

  1. All persons entering our premises without an official access card, will be required to complete   the visitor’s book.
  2. Safety Officers will randomly search vehicles entering and leaving VCS premises.  Please   cooperate with patience!!
  3. Briefcases and handbags may also be searched.
  4. Please declare any items other than your briefcase/hand bag, to ensure easy exit from the  School.  This includes items such as laptop computers, printers, PC’s, furniture, etc
  5. Should it be necessary to take out any school property (eg for repairs/servicing), please ensure  that the appropriate gate pass has been generated.  Any items for which there is not an   appropriate gate pass, will be confiscated and retained.