To facilitate the control of unauthorized people and goods moving in and out of our School premises, are in the process of installing security cameras and our own team of Safety Officers to ensure a vigilant and responsive approach at our Hostels.

We therefore request all parents and visitors to cooperate with the following security measures introduced:

  1. In future, please phone in to make an appointment before any visits to our School.  We will only meet with visitors and parents by appointment.
  2. Only one parent will be allowed entry to register a child, maximum 4 visitors in the premises at a time.
  3. Upon entry, all visitors will be searched.  To prevent any inconvenience, please do not bring any fire arms onto the premises, as these will have to be confiscated.
  4. We will also require all visitors to hand in their ID cards to the Safety Officer, who will return it to you on your way out.
  5. Camera surveillance is being introduced at the entrance.
  6. Finally, we request parents to make all payments EFT or at our bank (FNB).  We are working towards becoming a cash-less bank this year.  Kindly consult with your principal for banking details for stationery payments.